We Strive to Sharpen Your Arabic with 12 Million Words


Arabic is the language of imagination, poetry and beauty. The Arabic language originates from the heart and flows on the tongue. In addition, the Arabic language is the first language spoken by humans and thus the oldest language in the world. The Arabic language has the largest number of words as it exceeds twelve million words while the language immediately following it, English, has under six hundred thousand words. Arabic is the language that does not die like other languages. Fourteenth century English and French cannot be understood even by linguistic scholars and that is only six hundred years ago. The "oldest" found  written manuscript is in Arabic, and dates to at least four thousand years ago. It can be read by Arabic elementary school students.

We have adopted, tried, and revised the teaching curricula over the years. The staff of Alqarawiyyeen Schools consists of a group of Arabic linguistics experts and Arabic speaking Muslim Scholars. Both experts and teachers who have taught Arabic to non-native speakers extensively. The courses taught by our school’s teachers are designed for the needs of students as they gain mastery of reading, pronunciation, and writing. 

Students will be able to understand high levels of Arabic language texts. We put our expertise in your hands to transport your children to a new world in Arabic reading, learning, and translating.