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Islamic Sunni Tradition


Our education system is based on the methodology of the prophet peace be upon him. He took his companions by the hand to nourish and educate their personalities spiritually, mentally, and physically.

His main goal was to connect them with Allah SW and to bring the best out of his companions morally and spiritually because of their relationship with their creator.

Our educational system is based on learning, understanding, and practicing the Quran then the authentic tradition of the prophet peace be upon him especially the authentic books of “Hadeeth”, the books of Bukhari and Muslim. We expect the education of our students to propel them into the society as ideal human beings who are well rounded in their education and practice.

The role of our graduates will be to practice and spread the true message of Islam and to have balanced Muslim scholars who understand the role of a Muslims in the world and their duty towards humanity. This tradition of over 1400 years is well established, and the scholars of Islam have lived it and spread the light of Islam to humanity.

Every program in the university is a representation of those Islamic values. It is obvious from the teachers’ behavior who are the embodiment of these values just like the companions were the embodiment of the teachings of the Quran and the prophet. At Alqarawiyyeen University, we live, practice, and breathe what we teach. Our goal is for every student to become the same or better.

Our bigger goal is to bring peace and happiness to mankind, to include everyone, and to bring harmony to our world.