We Strive to Sharpen Your Arabic with 12 Million Words


  Classes Designed to Fit Your Needs

We personalize the experience for every student. Our classes have a maximum of 5 students to give them the personal attention of the teacher. The teachers are experts in dealing with student needs and personalize the learning to make sure they learn well.

Learning Arabic as a foreign language has been considered a persistent demand for many Muslim communities around the world. Non-Arabic speaking Muslims who are interested in learning Arabic for daily religious practices and Arabs who live in the west, with children who have missed out on learning their mother tongue, highly demand solid Arabic language institutions. At best many of them speak few words but do not have command over the language. 

To bridge the gap between the east and the west and to enable interested individuals to grasp command of the Arabic language, Alqarawiyyeen Schools came to life. To achieve our goals, we employ a well thought, well tested, comprehensive curriculum. Our students will have strong command and ability to listen, speak and write in classical and modern Arabic. 

Our staff is highly experienced, and Our curriculum has been designed carefully to meet modern needs for a new, dynamic, and high-quality content. Our curriculum promotes language as a tool for communication. Our classes are equipped with explanatory materials. 

Our curriculum employs different Curricula classified according to their respective programs. Please refer to the specific program of interest.